Hi, I’m Aretha and this is my first IDS reflection on entertainment :3

Entertainment allows people a form of relaxation and leisure, helping in keeping them happy and improving their moods, resulting in greater productivity and allowing the community to progress effectively. Keeping peoples’ moods good also ensures a state of good mental health and wellbeing.

However, entertainment can also encourage bad habits, such as when people get distracted by it and waste time on entertainment and leisure activities when they are meant to be working or could be doing more useful things, leading to a drop in productivity. Spending excessive time on entertainment can cause people to forget basic needs like eating or sleeping, causing their health to deteriorate. It can also result in addiction to certain entertainment activities, like game addiction.

Entertainment is very widespread among societies and communities today, and is extremely influential. Because so many people use entertainment, messages spread through it from music, videos, books, blogs, etc. The public will end up influenced by the ideas spread through these forms of entertainment that they see.

Entertainment related to a certain culture can help to increase a sense of identity among that community, like cultural games or music that is performed in a way that is unique to that culture. People with the same taste and interests in entertainment can also use that as a common topic and bond as a group, making them a fandom.

This sense of identity can have positive effects, helping people to connect more easily and make friends. However, this sense of identity may lead to the group becoming a clique, and if the group is large, it results in a very strong fandom. Opposing views between one group and another can start ‘fandom wars’*.

*(Fandom wars are terrible, result in huge groups of people getting mad at each other for no good reason, can make this animosity last for years, cough exols v armys cough)

^^ that’s all for this reflection probably going to have to write another one soon ㅠㅠ


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