Hey, I’m Grace and these are my reflections on entertainment 🙂

I feel that entertainment definitely has a huge impact on society. Be it music, art and craft, storytelling, games or even parties, they all impact us one way or another. Entertainment allows all of us to destress, obviously, since the very definition of entertainment is to provide or to be provided with amusement or enjoyment. Other than that, entertainment also allows us to feel a sense achievement, such as winning computer games 🙂 It often allows people to have a common topic of interest, giving people an opportunity to socialise, thereby improving social relations. On the other hand, it can also have a negative impact since people might be addicted to entertainment, such as spending too much time on youtube, causing a reduction in productivity. Entertainment should be done in moderation, so that productivity, health (eg.smoking) or relationships are not negatively impacted.
What we see, listen and experience often reflect what different societies idealize in terms of beauty, success and appeal. Entertainment that we often pass off as harmless, we are subconsciously affected by. The entertainment media dictates beauty. It plays a crucial role in the formation of body image, often creating unrealistic expectations and body dissatisfaction. This is one depressing but very real impact of entertainment. It causes low self-esteem, negative body image, when we compare ourselves to the ideals depicted in media.
But, entertainment is also often used to inspire people:) It can help spread the word of amazing causes, such as the ice bucket challenge. The video on the google site – Dear future generations, sorry – has seven million views. This is a good example of the positive impact of entertainment. Books can convey good morals, music can inspire creativity etc. Or course these forms of entertainment can be misused, but is it really entertainment if it doesn’t bring amusement, enjoyment, and more importantly happiness?
As for entertainment’s impact on our sense of identity, I believe the point mentioned earlier (about media dictating beauty) ties in well with this. Since entertainment dictates beauty, and everybody strives to be beautiful, won’t we always strive to be what the media says? Why is one of the most common searches on shopping websites always ‘trending’? It’s because we think that if we follow the media closely enough, we are beautiful. But ultimately, we end up as just another ordinary person who depended on others to find the definition of beauty. We lose ourselves.
When we lose our sense of identity, we no longer behave as ourselves. It’s because we don’t know who we are, so we turn to stereotypes to save us. We care so much about what others think, so we behave like them in hopes of feeling more accepted.
Instead of conforming to the beauty stereotypes, why don’t we become the definition of beauty, and let ever-changing entertainment conform to us?
Hope you enjoyed reading my reflections 🙂


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