Hi, I’m Xi Ning and I’ll be sharing my Post Workshop reflection for entertainment session 1.

1. Describe the impact entertainment has on society/community.

Entertainment can help to increase productivity. During their busy lives, people may face frustration and anger. They need an outlet to release their emotions so they do not hold it in and eventually, break down. Entertainment provides an outlet to let people relax and enjoy themselves. As people have release, they will be motivated to work hard in work, increasing productivity.
However, entertainment can also reduce productivity. People can get distracted by entertainment and forget about doing work, resulting in lower productivity in work.

2. How are people influenced by entertainment?

Although entertainment may seem to be pure fun, it sometimes hold an underlying message. Some types of entertainment are used for education. They provide an element of fun so that people may not recognise they are actually learning. This influences people to learn more. Other types of entertainment may be used to promote something. They may be subconsciously trying to promote an object. This influences people to get that object. Some types of entertainment can be addicting, influencing people to keep on playing and forget about everything else.

3. How does entertainment contribute to a sense of identity?

Different countries have different and special types of entertainment. The special types of entertainment may only be found in one country and contribute to the culture and heritage. Examples are cultural games or traditions. They bond the people together and make them feel special, leading to a sense of identity.

4. How does such a sense of identity influence behaviour?
People become more social. As they have a sense of identity, they feel a sense of belonging, which bonds them together. This encourages them to spend more time with one another.


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