Hi! Its Mylene here, and I’m back with my reflection for our very first IDS activity on entertainment (duh)

So here are the questions we were asked:
1. Describe the impact entertainment has on society/ community.

2. How are people influenced by entertainment?

3. How does entertainment contribute to a sense of identity?

4. How does such a sense if identity influence behaviour?

Entertainment to me is everywhere– our beloved devices are entertainment themselves; thick ancient books are entertainment too; even taking a stroll in the park also is kind of entertainment. Entertainment does more than just entertain. It’s a kind of stress reliever, and a outlet to channel your emotions. 

Entertainment is also very powerful, being so widely used. It can be used to hide subliminal messages (hehe conspiracy theories– another form of entertainment for me), which can be used to brainwash people into doing what the organisation or company wants them to. It could be as simple as buying a product, but could also be used to force people to think and act a certain way. 

On a lighter note, entertainment also starts and promotes trends, leading people’s tastes or fashion to be influenced by them. Certain shows, such as the newly popular 13 Reasons Why, have also influenced people to increase awareness of suicide and bullying. 

Entertainment is also used in countries for propaganda, to instil a sense of belonging and identity in the residents and citizens there. One example is the National Day songs the government rolls out every August, and the songs are always about uniting Singaporeans and how wonderful our country is. I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear those, I feel a strong sense of pride, seeing and hearing all our achievements. 

This would, of course, make people love and treasure their homeland more, causing them to subconsciously cultivate certain thoughts or act a certain way to their country. 

In all, I feel that due to the wide usage of entertainment in so many different ways and using so many different platforms, it has become common for people to be easily swayed by what they hear and see, and companies are using that to their advantage to influence us. 

All right, that’s all from me now! See you in my next post…which is probably tomorrow. -.-

 Thanks for reading! 

Muacks and hugs, 



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