Entertainment in the current society plays a huge part in impacting people’s lives, from different types ranging from movies to gaming, to even more serious things like gambling.

The impact entertainment has on society includes both positive and negative ones. The positive impacts are entertainment helps to improve everyone’s mood and mental health, increasing their productivity and efficiency. However, entertainment can also cause negative impacts such as bad habits when people have too much entertainment, which can lead to examples like gambling or game addiction.

People are influenced by entertainment since it provides relief from their everyday stress and work. Entertainment could also provide another fictional reality for them to escape their daily struggles and making them indulge in whatever fake world they can find.

Types of entertainment that can contribute to identity includes cultural games/entertainment and lets them understand their cultures and roots. It also gives a sense of identity when one is very into a type of entertainment and can strongly relate to the people who have common interests or goals.

The sense of identity could influence behaviour both positively and negatively too, since it could help people connect better with others, helping them with their social skills and helping them to make new friends. On the negative note, entertainment could also make a person become more antisocial since if they become too into the entertainment, the result could be centering their whole life around that entertainment and and thus could break off their connections to the real world once they found another life in the fictional one.



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