The activity aims to provide a source of enjoyment for people, allowing them to relax and thus being a form of entertainment. Also, people can exercise through the activity and they can become more mobile and active. Exercise is also good for their health, especially for the elderly.

Some people complain about the activity and find it a public nuisance.

We understand their point of view; the music played for the dancing can be very loud. People may be trying to carry out activities or sleep and are thus, unable to do so peacefully. This creates disruption and noise for the society. Also, the dancers may obstruct paths, making it difficult for people to commute.

However, this activity brings a lot of enjoyment to many people, especially the elderly. The elderly’ bodies tend to be weaker than middle age people, hence they are advised to exercise. As the elderly enjoy dancing, this activity is a chance for them to exercise and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Therefore, we feel that measures can be taken such that society is not disturbed as much. Some have already been taken, such as introducing approved songs and routines. If these measures are not enough, we hope that the government can take action – providing more public spaces and facilities for the elderly. There can also be rules set to appease both sides; instead of having the elderly dance every day, they could schedule specific timings every other day, such that the residents could still get rest, while the elderly can continue dancing.


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