During white space, we started brainstorming for our prototype for our target community: the elderly patients with dementia.

We started by first understanding their needs.

During com ed, we noticed that many of them relied on walking sticks, walkers and wheel chairs to get about. However, it seemed as if it was still very hard for them to move about, even when relying on these mobility aid devices. We understood from the mobility workshop that mobility refers to the ability to move freely and easily, so we concluded that if we could improve upon the mobility aid devices, we could aid the elderly in terms of mobility:) Therefore, our first idea was a improved mobility aid device that would address the mobility needs of our target community.

Secondly, we thought that something that was antishake was a possible idea too. We noticed that many of them had tremors that prevented them from doing simple tasks such as flipping a page of a book or even standing up.


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