As dementia affects patients’ memory, it changes how they interpret their environment. Names, places and people they know become unfamiliar to them, leading to disorientation, stress and isolation. To prevent this from happening, it is important for our group to consider the conditions for a positive, safe environment for elderly with dementia to stay in comfortably.

When we serve the elderly at Yong-En, we must ensure that any activities we prepare for them or any products or prototypes we bring along to introduce to them should not disturb or distress them. Dementia patients feel more anxiety and stress and become more sensitive to their physical and social environments. Soothing, quiet environments help to calm patients’ nerves and make them feel better.

Communal activities with other patients at the centre also benefit them, encouraging  interaction and bonding between them. This helps to improve their social and communication skills.

It is important to consider all these factors when we plan anything involving the elderly patients, so as to ensure they enjoy themselves as much as possible.


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