After deciding on our main focus for elderly — to make their lives easier and safer — we brainstormed some ideas for our end product. We took into consideration the monetary constraints, and combined the four different clusters to come up with a wide range of ideas. 

We narrowed all our ideas down to:

1. aroma therapy 

we underwent a course on aroma therapy, and learnt that there are many benefits to aroma therapy. for example, certain aromas are able to make the user feel more at ease, helping to relieve stress. 

2. affordable and upgraded wheelchair 

many wheelchairs nowadays are extremely expensive, and the more affordable ones tend to be of worse quality. Hence, we wanted to come up with a comfortable wheelchair of good quality, and make it using low-cost materials, ensuring that most families in need of the wheelchairs would be able to afford this better quality one. 

3. tool kits for families of dementia patients/ dementia care centres 

these tool kits would consist of small things that we noted might help the dementia patients in their every-day life, such as natural lighting light bulbs, rubber stoppers (to put at the edge of sharp corners) and customisable plant and aroma therapy kits. these all mainly help to reduce stress, which is a worrying factor in many dementia households. 

All the four concepts were used in the ideas above, and after discussion we decided to narrow it down to focusing more on the mobility aspect. 


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