We went through a lot of brainstorming to decide what kind of video we wanted to produce in order for it to be effective in convincing investors to fund our product.

We initially wanted to do a dramatic, emotional video that we had seen advertisers use before as we thought having a plotline would be compelling and interesting enough to engage the audience. We came up with some ideas:


However, after more discussion and deliberation, some of us brought up the point that we oursleves don’t really remember these melodramatic ads after we’ve watched them as the plot may distract viewers from the actual product. We also noticed that these ads leave very little time to explaining what the product is like and thus may not be informative enough to convince potential investors.

We found informative and straightforward advertisements more effective in introducing a product and those that incorporate humour more memorable. We eventually settled on creating a direct video that brings the message across while engaging the audience with humour.



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