Our prototype broke.

We brought our product home so that we could meet up to work on it. At that time, we did not prepare for transporting the product home so we put in a plastic bag in a school bag, thinking that it would not break. However, all the legs and hands of our prototype fell off the chair.

This happened 1 week before the IDS expedition. Although there was time, our video was due in 2 days and we needed the product to film our video.

Although it was rushed, we managed to use a glue gun to fix our prototype. It isn’t as steady as before and it is slightly more fragile but the prototype still functions as normal! πŸ™‚

This obstacle actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we made use of this opportunity to make our prototype even better. One of the hands of our prototype was crooked so we adjusted it appropriately, and removed the connecting beam in the middle so it would not obstruct the .

This experience has Β taught us how to deal with emergency situations efficiently and to remain calm.


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