Before we started designing our logo, we had to decide on our company name. We settled for ‘walk-a-chair’ as it managed to convey the essence of our 2-in-1 product, a chair and walker.

Next, we decided to check out our competitors’ logos. These are the logos of famous furniture shops around the world:


raynour.jpgWe researched on others’ logo, not to create something similar, but to create something different. We realised that all the logos used one to two colours, so why not use three? None of them had a symbol of the product, so we decided it’d be best if a symbol of our product was included in our logo.

Next, we decided on our three primary colours. We finally settled for black for the words as it would be bold and attention grabbing. As for the other colours, we chose the school colours: blue and yellow. However, we chose a lighter shade of blue so that it would not seem to similar to ikea’s logo.  We also decided to place a simple drawing of a chair in the background to represent what our ‘company’ sells.

This is our final logo:



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