Post IDS Reflection

How has your ability to work in a group changed?

I’ve learnt to be more flexible and open minded. Being an opinionated group, we had many ideas for our final prototype but we could only use one of them. We all felt that our idea was the most appropriate. I don’t think we were used to having to give in to one another. However, if everyone did not provide ideas, we would not be able to come up with our final prototype. Hence, I learnt that both cooperating and having initiative is important.

How has your ability to identify and solve problems changed?

When we were working on our prototype, we did not foresee some of the problems that occured. For example, while envisioning our prototype, we did not think about how the wheels of the wheelchair was going to affect the walker. We only realised some impraticalities of our prototype when people asked us about it. To help identify possible problems with our prototype, we tried to consult as many people as possible. Close to the expedition day, we realised that we had forgotten to add wheels to our prototype.  We had to solve the problem as quickly as possible so we used buttons as wheels. I feel that through ids, I’ve learnt to think out of the box and quickly, as well as look for problems through every angle.

How has your ability to make connections between different disciplines changed?

AIn Sec 1, there were only 2 main topics, Garden to Table and Built Environment. I feel that at that time, i wasn’t able to apply the concepts to our eventual model. However, this year, the topics we learnt were greatly relevant. For our prototype, we used the concept of mobility heavily. To come up with ideas for our prototype, we made connections between various topics such as Environment and Entertainment. Furthermore, we used subjects we learnt in school such as math to help us calculate costs of our prototype and it’s materials.

Give three examples of things that the Sec. 1 students did well.

For their 1st IDS, I think the Sec 1 students did relatively well.

Firstly, I could see that they put in a lot of effort into their model. Many models were extremely well made and they had many details inside. Some were simple but demonstrated all the unique changes they had made to the school.

Secondly, most of them chose to not make big changes to the school so that the history would be preserved. The school treasures it rich history so largely changing things might not be very practical. I feel that this shows they thought and made wise choices.

Thirdly, their boards had a lot of relevant information on them,

Give three examples of things that the Sec. 1 students could have improved upon.

Firstly, I would like to have seen more unique ideas. While walking around the hall, I saw many similar ideas such as vertical or rooftop gardening. I believe that they are able to come up with more Creative ideas,

Secondly, their boards are extremely cluttered with words. They can use more pictures so that it is easier to read the boards.

Thirdly, they could have more initiative. It might have been due to nervousness but they should have the intiative to welcome someone to their booth to view their project,

What advice would you like to give your Sec. 1 juniors in preparing for their Sec. 2 IDS in 2018?

IDS is an extremely enjoyable journey. It might be greatly different from your Sec 1 Journey but I hope you learn a lot from it!

What would you like to do for the Sec. 3 IDS in 2018?

I feel that IDS should help me to step out of my comfort zone so choosing something to do would defeat the purpose! I am open to any ideas :))


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